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‘’ Nature has blessed thee with wealth untold” from Belize’s National Anthem… is precisely what Belize offers. Nestled between Belmopan city and coastal town Dangriga, the unrivaled landscape of hummingbird Highway welcomes you, a setting like no other, surrounded by the palpitating lushness of the Maya Mountains In this overlapping puzzle of diverse tropical ecosystems, riddled by thousands of caves, miles and miles of underground rivers. We find the maximum expressions of realm shrouded in mysticism by the archaeological wonders left behind by the Ancient Maya.

Take your adventurous spirit into the heart land of inland Belize to redefine adventure and nature with an eclectic approach. This is a place where nature, history, and a melting pot of cultures dance together to the rhythms of harmony.

We invite you to a purely and simply exceptional destination that will make you engage all your senses and undergo a restorative experience in adventure travel through Central America.

Transform your Belize experience into an extraordinary perspective of adventure, comfort, sustainability, safety, and treasure throve of unforgettable memories to accompany you back home.

Firstly, Harrison is awesome! Super friendly, experienced and conversational. Told us about a trek he runs to some hidden waterfalls and he totally delivered the goods! After a short drive, Harrison and his fellow guide led us through the Jungle on an exclusive trail they'd built. It wound up and down through the jungle, crossed the stream several times, and along its banks, but it was never too strenuous. Along the way we learned about the jungle, the history of Belize and kept our eye out for animals. Our whole group loved it. I recommend for adventurous people, but you don't have to be super fit. Just be prepared for some jungle trekking (bring water, good shoes & bug spray) and you won't regret it! Photos do not do this place justice, you'll just have to experience it yourselves!


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