Family Tour

Central Belize Family Tour

Belize Zoo and Cave Tubing

Tour Details

Min # persons: 2
Duration: 8:00am – 5:00pm
price per person: 125 USD
Intensity: Easy
Included: Lunch
Age: All
Experience: No experience is needed.

What to wear: shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes or water shoes

Remember to bring: Swim suit, towel, crocks or water shoes, an extra change of clothes and some insect repellent and sunscreen.

Is a one day tour that showcases the natural wonders and the geographic diversity of Belize, Get ready for an educational day packed with excitement and adventure taking you through several ecosystems and guaranteeing you five distinctive high-lights: the famous Belize Zoo, the scenic Hummingbird Highway and the Maya Mountains, the unique experience of Cave Tubing and the in-land Blue Hole.

At the Belize Zoo you get to view wildlife that is native to Belize such as our national animal, the tapir a sub -specie native to this part of Central America, the majestic Harpy Eagle, Scarlet Macaw and Belize’s 5 types of wild cats. 30 minutes later after leaving the zoo you enter the Maya Mountains and the scenic Hummingbird Highway which takes you to St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park for a 2.5 hour cave tubing tour. After cave tubing, the in-land Blue Hole awaits you for a refreshing swim before the drive to your hotel.

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Take your adventurous spirit into the heartland of inland Belize to redefine adventure and nature with an eclectic approach.



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