Cave & Swimming

Crystal Cave + Blue Hole Swimming

Crystal Cave, Blue HoleĀ 

Tour Details

Min # persons: 2
Duration: 9:00am – 3:00pm
price per person: 95 USD
Intensity: Vigorous
Age: 12+
Included: equipment, lunch
Experience: No experience is needed.

What to wear: Long hiking pants and T-shirt, well-treated tennis shoes or hiking boots.

Remember to bring: Bring extra change of clothes and water. Lunch included and all needed equipment. JOIN US ON THIS FUN ADVENTURE!

Venture into a breath taking experience of a world class crystal cave at ST.HERMANS BLUE HOLE NATIONAL PARK. The best geologist, cavers, and geo-morphologist do not get to see such a magical expression of deep underground limestone. Caves were to ancient Maya the spiritual realm they called Xibalba, the dwelling of gods and spirits on their quest for the heavens. During the time of their Ancient civilization, the Mountain Cow cave also known as Crystal Cave was a sacred cave of so much importance that hosted ceremonies that involved human sacrifices. The evidence of crystalized human bones is impressive; the cave formations are the best expression of the world of minerals within the limestone composition of the Maya mountains.

Experience the mesmerizing effect that the Ancient Maya saw in the underworld, the dancing flames from their wooden torches lighting the way through dancing crystals and spirits of their ancestors. Crystal cave has been visited by many top WORLD CAVERS, looking for that SPECTACULAR and RARE GLIMBS OF NATURE, in this case MAGICAL as it mixed with SUPERSTITIONS and REMNANTS of ANCIENT MAYA RITUALS and the SUPERNATURAL.

This tour is physically demanding but well worth the effort. We start with a 50-minute hike through the tropical forest reaching the cave entrance where we rappel 15 feet into the cave.

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