Culture Tour

Culture Tour in Armenia Village, Belize

Maya Culture Tour

Tour Details

Min # persons:
Duration: 3.5 hours
price per person: 65 USD
Intensity: Easy
Included: equipment, entrance fees
Age: All
Experience: No experience is needed.

Remember to bring: Insect repellant, sunscreen, camera, and water

Belize is the most culturally diverse country in Central America; its rich heritage embraces a harmonious kaleidoscope of languages and people that are here to offer you friendliness, hospitality and a warm glimpse into their culture. Get a perspective of Belize’s history, from the time of the ancient Maya through the years of conquest and survival, slavery to independence in 1981 and the present green Belize that has managed to preserve so much of its nature for you and for future generations of Belizeans and travellers. Join our efforts in sustainable/cultural tourism.

Experience real Belize cultures by taking a walk through the village of Armenia mile 46 Hummingbird Highway with us; See their Maya farming technics. Try their food, experience the way they live, their language. Allow us to share with you the Uniqueness of this little country.

Tour takes approximately 3 1/2 hours and includes the following highlights:

  • An introduction to Belize’s three Mayan cultures
  • An introduction to exquisite Mayan dishes of which you get to participate
  • Marimba music which was developed by the Maya
  • Traditional Mayan thatched roof, natural fire pits, and the chance to be part of and sample every process
  • A walk through Armenia village, Hummingbird Highway.

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Take your adventurous spirit into the heartland of inland Belize to redefine adventure and nature with an eclectic approach.



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