Haunted Forest - River Cave

          Haunted Forest 

Tour Details

Min # persons: 2
Duration: All day
price per person: 95 USD
Intensity: Moderate to Difficult
Included: Lunch
Experience: No experience is needed.

What to wear: Long hiking pants and T-shirt, well-treated tennis or hiking boots. 

Remember to bring: Water, bug reppelent, sun block. 

Start off this amazing adventure with a 45-minutes drive from the hummingbird highway to this Gigantic river cave system- OFF THE BEATEN PATH. Hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above, Ancient Maya Priests turned these hidden caves into centers of spiritual rites and sacrificial offerings. Feel the presence of the Ancient gods as you explore Spectacular and awe- filled Crystal Chambers that hold 2,000 years old Ceremonial Fire Pits, still containing charcoal and ash, pottery, relics, altars, and actual skeletons of sacrificial victims still lying among the ruins of this cave. Enter now, if you dare, the World which was believed to be the ENTRANCE TO THE UNDERWORLD….. the REALM….the DOMAIN….the kingdom of their god…. XIBALBA.

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