Cave Tours

St-hermans cave exploration cave tubing-combo and blue hole swimming

ATM Cave

Tour Details

Min # persons: 2
Duration: 4 hours
price per person: 75 USD
Intensity: Moderate to Difficult

What to wear: Long hiking pants and T-shirts, hiking boots or tennis.

Remember to bring: Insect repellent, water, sun screen.

Dont forget your towels and dry clothes for the drive back to your hotel. 

Start off this unique Cave combo and bluehole swimming adventure with a 30 Minutes hike through the jungle to entrance of St. Herman’s Cave and explore from Entrance to exit. Walk among fire pits, ceramic pieces, ashes and feel the presence of the ancient gods as you explore spectacular and awe- filled Crystal chambers.
Next, hop in the water in your inner tubes with only your head lamps to light your way and float down stream as you swirl around Stalactites and Stalagmites looming from above and below.
Right after exiting from cave tubing, walk back for 10 minutes to visitor center and drive for 1 minute to the famous Inland Bluehole and enjoy a refreshing swim.

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