Waterfall Rappelling

At Dreaming Giant waterfalls

Tour Details

Min # persons: 2
price per person: 95 USD
Intensity: Vigorous
Included: equipments
Age: 12+
Experience: No experience is needed.

What to wear: Comfortable lightweight long pants and shirts that allow for movement and can get wet. Well-treated sneakers or hiking boots preferable.

Remember to bring: Insect repellent, sunblock, Camera and water. 

Spectacular- Incredible- A rush like no other.
This adventure kicks- off with a hike through pristine- rainforest from a citrus farm for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and takes you to the knees of the famous-SLLEEPING GIANT MOUNTAIN, criss- crossing the silver creek multiple times and arriving at cliff esge views and base of 5 breath-taking falls ranging from 25ft to 100ft drop.

Experience- Explore the 5 falls and rappell the tallest at approximately 100ft drop down to the pool. After rappelling, Swim- Relax- and have lunch. For more adventurous there is places you can jump.
Intensity level: Extreme. This adventure is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively fit and able to Hike 90 mintues both ways.
Vigorous Rock climbing up through the cascading falls and pool plunging are part of this trip. Expect to get your feet wet on the hike.

Notes: this adventure is subject to high water levels from time to time throughout the year and may be replaced with another tour. Don’t forget your towels and extra dry clothes for the drive back to your hotel.

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